On Demand Webinar:
Your 2014 Plan
Close This Performance Gap

Sales managers are the linch-pin of the sales organization.
When sales management fails, sales fails.

Presenter: Matt Close, EVP Sales, The TAS Group 
Audience: Prospects, Customers, Partners

To be fair, sales managers rarely have enough time to spend on the business of managing their sales business. Bouncing from task to task, managing up, out and wide, the life of a sales manager is hard.

Every day sales managers are struggling to find the answers to make their sales team more effective.  Often remote from their sellers, and relying on weekly calls and reports from their CRM systems, these managers find it difficult to identify, interpret and influence the important factors that predict sales success or failure.

The TAS Group's Matt Close, EVP Sales, shines the light on the challenges facing front line sales managers, what that's costing sales organizations, and the insights this critical role needs to optimize Sales Performance Management. Your 2014 Plan hinges on getting this right.

Who should attend this webinar:
Chief Sales Officers
Sales VP/Director/Manager
Sales Operations VP/Director/Manager
Sales Effectiveness VP/Director/Manager
Every salesforce.com customer

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