On Demand Webinar:
Grow Revenue by 33% with Sales Playbooks

Target A Repeatable, Winning Sales Process

Presenter: Travis Hill, Senior Partner, The TAS Group 
Audience: Prospects, Customers, Partners

When sales people are guarded about their forecasts, how does the under- or over-promising impact your forecast? Telling your managers to coach to close that gap is easy. Knowing what aspects of the deal to coach is extremely difficult. After all, they can't manage what they can't see.

Join Travis Hill, Senior Partner at The TAS Group, to learn how effective sales managers are using sales playbooks to deliver consistently effective coaching that dramatically improves their teams' performance.

Travis will discuss:

  • How to get a common language in the sales team
  • Why it is better to fail early in a sale
  • How to map selling behaviors to the buyer's activities
  • Why sales forecasts are often wrong, and what to do about it
  • What sales metrics you should measure
  • How you can ensure consistent interpretation of the 'truth'  

Who should attend this webinar:
Chief Sales Officers
Sales VP/Director/Manager
Sales Operations VP/Director/Manager
Sales Effectiveness VP/Director/Manager
Every salesforce.com customer

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