On Demand Webinar:
Front Line Sales Managers:
High Value, High Risk


Wendy Reed, EVP Solutions, The TAS Group
Pascal Yammine, Vice President, Go To Market Scale, salesforce.com
James Williams, Regional Vice President, Shaw Industries
Progressive sales managers or sales executives who want to learn from Wendy, Pascal and James, Customers, Partners

Tune in to a lively discussion about the critical role of Front Line Sales Managers, the gaps that are costing selling organizations, and solutions for closing those gaps.

Our EVP of Solutions, Wendy Reed, is joined by special guest Pascal Yammine, Vice President, Go To Market Scale at salesforce.com. Additionally, James Williams, Regional Vice President at Shaw Industries will be with us for perspective from the firing line.

"It’s not hard to enable the front line manager.  We just don’t think about it. The frontline sales manager is where the rubber meets the road on any type of sales transformation. Typically frontline managers were sales people, so they’re good at selling. It's not a natural process for them to understand; how do I manage the business?  How do I manage sales performance? What does that mean? If the sales cycle slows down, what am I suppose to do about that?"

Wendy Reed, EVP Solutions, The TAS Group.

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