On Demand Webinar:

Your 2015 State of the Union 

Presenter: Jim Crisera, President, The TAS Group

Audience: Progressive sales managers or executives who want to learn how to increase win rate

Q1 may feel like a world away, but now's the perfect time to assess your 2015 State of the Union – while there's still time to close gaps and build momentum. 

Ask yourself …
1.     What do you want to accomplish in your business in 2015?
2.     What are the gaps?
3.     What resources are required to close the gaps?
Get ahead of your 2015 revenue number instead of letting it get ahead of you.
Join us when Jim Crisera provides CSOs and their teams with the key areas they should be focused on now  (yes, now) to ensure a positive 2015.


If Jim had one wish for your 2015, it would definitely be to remove ‘gut feeling’ from the equation.