Ray Savona, Autodesk

"We adopted TAS as a sales methodology because we believe that it started our sales folks to be more focused on the customer."

- Ray Savona, VP of Channel Sales, EMEA, Autodesk

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TAS Sales Methodologies

Since 1989, TAS (Target Account Selling) methodologies have provided a framework for sales organizations to win more business. They help you prioritize and focus your efforts on areas of mutual value to your customer and your company. By applying TAS methodologies you identify potential revenue growth, expand your customer relationships and build a foundation for customer collaboration. TAS has been the methodology of choice for more than 1 million sales professionals, helping them focus on the right issues with the right people at the right time.

We deliver TAS methodology through our Dealmaker application, built on the Salesforce Platform.

Opportunity Management Methodology

The proven TAS (Target Account Selling) sales methodology for opportunity management guides you to win more deals by evaluating the quality of each opportunity. Using TAS, you'll focus on four key questions:

  • Is there an opportunity?
  • Can we compete?
  • Can we win?
  • Is it worth winning?

You'll also use PRIME Actions to ensure that you are positioned to win:

  • Prove your value
  • Retrieve missing information
  • Insulate against the competition
  • Minimize your weaknesses
  • Emphasis your strengths

Dealmaker Smart Opportunity Manager delivers sales methodology in Salesforce,
right in the workflow of your sales team.

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Account Management Methodology

Get maximum revenue from your key accounts with TAS (Target Account Selling) account management methodology. You'll uncover mutual value for both you and your customer, and map the people and business initiatives to build your strategic account plan. Using account management methodology you will:

  • Identify the White Space
  • Align with Customer's Strategy
  • Gain Relationship Insight
  • Prioritize Value
  • Plan to Succeed

Dealmaker helps make account planning a core part of your company's DNA.

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Sales Process Methodology

Take control of your sales process by following this methodology:

  • Assess the Buying Process
  • Align Your Selling Process
  • Define Your Key Actions
  • Determine the Buying Signs
  • Measure Progress

Dealmaker drives superior sales performance with templates, tools, and a repeatable winning sales process.

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Analytics Methodology

Applying the right intelligence will guide you through four levels of analytics:

  • Understanding the Data - What are the Patterns?
  • Situational Analytics - What Happened?
  • Predictive Analytics - What Will Happen?
  • Prescriptive Analytics - What Should I Do?

Dealmaker delivers deep insight into the factors that drive your sales velocity.

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Customers of The TAS Group attain 21% greater quota achievement
using the methodologies delivered through Dealmaker.