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Smart Sales Transformation

Sales Publications

10 Elements of a Smart Sales Call Plan eBook
Battling the 57% eBook
12 Elements of a Great Sales Playbook
Account Planning in salesforce

Sales Webinars

Webinar: How Great Sales Managers Minimise risk to Maximise Impact

Webinar Date: March 2015
Presenters: Donal Daly, CEO, The TAS Group.
Progressive sales managers or sales executives who want to learn how to increase win rate.

Frontline sales managers are in a high-pressure role and are the linchpin of the sales organization. When sales management fails, sales fails, and the business fails to scale.  Watch Webinar

Webinar - Smart Call Planning

Webinar Date: February 2015
Presenters: Matt Close, EVP Sales, The TAS Group, and Bob Harrah, Senior Program Manager, Qorvo
Audience: Progressive sales managers or sales executives who want to learn how to increase win rate.

If you want to spend less time losing deals and increase your win rate, join us for our Webinar - "Fail Early, Win More. The Strategy Behind Opportunity Management." Watch Webinar

Webinar - Access Key Players

Webinar Date: January 2015
Presenter: Áine DennEVP EMEA, The TAS Group  
Audience:  Progressive sales managers or sales executives who want to learn how to increase win rate.

Join us on while we revisit the fundamentals of this surefire revenue growth strategy and share the insights we have gleaned since we first launched Account Planning in Salesforce. Watch Webinar

Forecasting Webinar - Your 2015 State of the Union

Webinar Date: December 2014
Presenter: Wendy ReedEVP Solutions, The TAS Group           
Audience:  Progressive sales managers or sales executives who want to learn how to increase win rate.

 Learn how you to accelerate the salesperson’s experience in the customer’s business in our Align webinar. Watch Webinar

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Sales White Papers

The Simple Formula for Sales Success
Winning the Product Launch
Evaluating Sales Training Programs
Executing a Territory Sales Model
Great Account Management
The Key Role of the Sales Manager
Maximising Renewal Revenues
Sales Leadership Whatever the Weather
The Prime Actions to 'Win More Quickly'

Dealmaker Index

Based on an analysis of 92 sales performance factors, mapped against proven successful approaches, the Dealmaker Index measures the effectiveness of sales organizations and sales individuals across areas such as deal close rates, sales cycle management, value creation and sales opportunity development.

It analyzes their activities, behaviors and attitudes and their strategic alignment with their companies and the resulting sales velocity they can achieve. It then produces a detailed custom sales performance success roadmap for both individuals and companies.


Dealmaker Index

Dealmaker Genius

Dealmaker Genius is a free resource that helps sales professionals create their own customized sales processes. Dealmaker Genius removes critical barriers to success by enabling anyone, anywhere, to improve their performance by creating a high-quality sales process. 
In 15 minutes or less you can create your own sales process, customized to your company, products and services—aligned with how your customers buy. Once you create your sales process, you can share it with your colleagues.



Create a Sales Process