Aberdeen Group Reports TAS Group® Customers Are Best-in-Class When It Comes to Maximizing Sales Deal Velocity; 54 Percent More Reps Achieve Quota

Aberdeen Group Finds Teams Leveraging the TAS Group Attain Quota 20 Percent Higher and 54 Percent More Sales Representatives Achieve Quota

SEATTLE - According to research by the Aberdeen Group, customers of The TAS Group, the world leader in intelligent sales performance automation, attain team quota 20 percent higher and 54 percent more sales representatives achieve quota than all other customers using competitive solutions.

The Aberdeen Group Analyst Insight report, Reaching Sales Quota More Consistently: Best Practices Adopted by The TAS Group customers is based on data from a survey this past summer of 835 end-user organizations to learn about their use of sales training to achieve better corporate results. Aberdeen Group published the findings of the benchmark study, Sales Training: Deploying Knowledge, Process and Technology to Consistently Hit Quota last month by Peter Ostrow, research director, Sales Effectiveness.

“Our approach has always been a bit different, with technology, intelligence and measurement at the core of our sales effectiveness solutions,” said Donal Daly, chief executive officer for The TAS Group. “We have taken a different path and we are delighted that this path is delivering results for our customers where the results show that reps are more than half again as likely to make quota.”

In addition to current sales performance, Aberdeen Group found The TAS Group customers adopted a number of best practices that map to successful sales team performance, including:

  • Deployment of Guided Selling methodology
  • Maximized deal velocity via sales stage analytics
  • Regular forecast reviews associated with best practices in sales knowledge management
  • Use of Predictive analytics associated with superior year-over-year performance improvements

Aberdeen Group’s Peter Ostrow concluded, “Add to this the value of empowering sales reps, their managers and company executives with role-specific views of the past, present and future - and better quota achievement should become well within the reach of an increasing percentage of companies as they deploy a more integrated approach to coupling sales effectiveness programs with predictive sales forecasting.”

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Customers of The TAS Group attain 21% greater quota achievement
using the methodologies delivered through Dealmaker.