The TAS Group Delivers Next Generation Dealmaker Sales Opportunity, Playbook and Forecast Solutions

Leading cloud-based, intelligent sales apps deliver innovations in usability, sales methodology and predictive sales analytics

dealmaker 8SEATTLE - 18 Oct 2012: The TAS Group, the world leader in intelligent sales performance automation, announced today the release of Dealmaker 8, a complete sales effectiveness solution including Dealmaker Smart Opportunity Manager and Dealmaker Smart Playbook and Forecast software. With Dealmaker 8, the company further establishes itself as the leading innovator in delivering improved sales performance through intelligent software and predictive analytics.

Dealmaker 8 builds on the success of the company's proven TAS (Target Account Selling) methodology and industry-leading Dealmaker smart software, used by sales professionals within their daily workflow. Dealmaker Smart Opportunity Manager delivers intelligent advice on how to win each opportunity based on deal-specific information, resulting in increased win rates. Dealmaker Smart Playbook and Forecast puts sales professionals in control of the buying process, increases sales velocity through the sales cycle and delivers objective and accurate sales forecasts.

"Dealmaker 8 is a game changer," said Donal Daly, Founder and CEO of The TAS Group. "We have taken everything we have learned from more than two decades of sales methodology expertise, watching and analyzing millions of sales cycles, and have incorporated these best practices into the most powerful and intelligent sales effectiveness solution ever. We have already begun implementing it for our customers and we look forward to enabling more businesses to sell smarter, manage better, and win more deals."

User enhancements in Dealmaker 8 include the following:

  • Social collaboration around deal coaching, deal review and deal strategy planning make deal reviews and deal coaching sessions more productive. Integration with Salesforce Chatter enables sales reps to share information in the context of an opportunity plan. Visual Collaboration Maps enable sales reps and their customers to work together on problem definition and solution visualization. Political Maps graphically provide the ability to see relationships within an account and provide quick access to social information about each person including their LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube links, as well as their Klout score.
  • Mobile Access optimized for today's mobile sales professionals using Apple iPad, Android and other tablets. The eLearning components are also optimized for mobile devices, including learning documents in ePub and MOBI formats to natively display in iBook on iPad, Amazon Kindle, and many smartphones that support these formats.
  • Exceptional reliability and scalability delivered on the Salesforce Platform. Dealmaker 8 is built natively on, ensuring tight integration as well as the ability to build enhanced dashboards and reports using the combined reporting and dashboard capabilities of Dealmaker and Salesforce.
  • Embedded Intelligence through Dealmaker's patented sales coaching engine - combining context, data and knowledge with an intelligent rules engine to deliver real-time automated deal coaching advice. Dealmaker's embedded learning algorithms make Dealmaker smarter over time. Dealmaker' s sales coaching engine offers insightful answers to critical sales questions.
  • Streamlined User Interface provides easy access to the key features that sales professionals and managers use most often, including deal assessment, political maps, competitive strategies, sales playbooks, forecasts, and more. A new graphical design delivers an intuitive and easy to learn approach to maximizing sales productivity.

Videos of Dealmaker 8 are available, providing a tour of the new products:

About The TAS Group
The TAS Group helps sales professionals sell smarter and manage better using Dealmaker intelligent software and proven sales methodology. Dealmaker sales performance automation software drives revenue growth for businesses worldwide, including market leaders such as Xerox, International Turnkey Systems and Alcatel Lucent.

Dealmaker delivers real-time opportunity and account management, intelligent deal coaching, accurate sales forecasts, smart playbooks, self-paced learning, and predictive analytics, resulting in measurable sales growth.  According to the Aberdeen Group, customers of The TAS Group realize 21 percent greater attainment of sales quotas.

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Customers of The TAS Group attain 21% greater quota achievement
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