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Gartner: Cool Vendors in CRM Sales

Donal Daly April 28, 2013 in Training, social media, Technology, Sales Process, Velocity

Gartner just released their 2013 Cool Vendors in CRM Sales report and are selling it on their site for $495. You can get it here for free.

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8 Steps to Effective Sales Methodology Implementation

Donal Daly March 31, 2013 in Background, Leadership, Training, Technology, Velocity

There is good news and there is bad news. The good news is that a sales methodology can dramatically increase the sales effectiveness of your entire sales organization, significantly increasing your sales revenue. The bad news is that not all sales methodology solutions are implemented well. There are few distinct topics in the world of the Sales VP that raise such polarized views as the effectiveness of sales methodologies. Sometimes the very phrase ‘Sales Methodology’ is enough to make Sales VPs reach for the Pepto-Bismol. On other occasions, sales leaders can point to successful implementations that delivered consistent revenue increases, and improved sales effectiveness. 

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Business, Customer, Method, or Quota?

Donal Daly March 11, 2013 in Background, Leadership, Training

I have observed something very interesting lately, that you may find enlightening. I think I always knew it - but only recently did I start to formalize it. It is a critical area of focus for successful sales people, and it might not be the one you expect.

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The Challenger Sale Debate - Is it missing the point?

Donal Daly October 07, 2012 in Background, skills, Innovation, Leadership, Questioning, Training, Technology, Sales Process, Velocity

There has been a lot a debate among the sales training / sales enablement community about The Challenger Sale from CEB's Sales Executive Council. Some of it has been cogent and balanced, but unfortunately a lot has been mud-slinging and poorly articulated or uninformed specious commentary that does not reflect well on the sales training industry. Most of the latter type has, probably predictably, come from those who might have good reason to be threatened by the seeming ubiquity or pervasiveness of TCS. On the other hand, where measured arguments have been put forward, it seems that these originate more often from users, practitioners, or observers who acknowledge the value of TCS while wondering about its place in an overall sales eco-system.

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Carpe Tabulam - Seize the Tablet: The mobile sales force

Donal Daly April 23, 2012 in Coaching, Background, Innovation, Leadership, Sales Mobility, Learning, Training, Technology, Velocity

[This is the second in a series on 6 Factors that are transforming B2B Sales in 2012.]

The inexorable rise of mobile device ownership is one of the most significant changes in the business landscape that any of us has witnessed in our lifetimes. In most developed economies in the world, practically everyone has a cell phone, an increasing number of which are smartphones, and the rapid growth of tablet ownership, pioneered by Apple’s iPad, is the fastest market penetration of any device we have ever seen.

The Mobile Landscape

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Embrace Change: A response to a dangerous post

Donal Daly March 25, 2012 in Innovation, Leadership, Learning, Training, Technology

I read a blog post from the CEO of one the leading brand names in sales training and it bothered me greatly. If this is representative of what is being taught in sales training classes today it is not only worrisome, but plainly wrong on a number of counts.

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The Challenger Sale: Challenging Conventional Wisdom - Book Review

Donal Daly December 13, 2011 in Coaching, Background, skills, Innovation, Leadership, Questioning, Training, Sales Process

If you read one sales book this year, The Challenger Sale should be the one. Actually, if you don't generally read sales books at all, you should make an exception in this case and read this one.

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The Reasons Why Sales Methodologies Are Not Used: Survey Results

Donal Daly December 04, 2011 in skills, Innovation, Leadership, Forecasting, Training, Technology, Velocity

Most sales professionals accept that effective and consistent use of a sales methodology is a predictor of better sales results. However, many (if not most) investments in sales methodology are simply wasted dollars. In fact less than 40% of sales people who have been trained in a sales methodology use it most of the time (Tweet this stat). (Source: Dealmaker Index). This is considerably less than the 66% of folks who use a CRM consistently. It is time for the methodology vendors to look in the mirror and stop criticizing poor adoption of CRM. But that is for another post. I wonder however if it is really understood just how much difference using a sales methodology can make.

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Why Shooting 100+ in Golf is like Selling Badly

Paul Dilger October 18, 2011 in planning, Background, skills, Learning, Training, Technology, Sales Process, plan

Guest Post: Paul Dilger, Director Product Marketing, The TAS Group.

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Tales from the front line: Applying sales methodology to win deals

Donal Daly September 17, 2011 in Coaching, Background, Innovation, Training, Technology, Sales Process, Velocity

Do you actually know how your product / service/ solution makes a real difference to your customers? If you suggested taking it away from them, would they really care? No matter how many times your internal strategists brainstorm on how the product will be used, or the product management team dream up user scenarios, or the marketing team test out various 'features and benefit' statements, there is nothing to compare with actual user stories. Tales from the front line can inform better than any other source what you're doing right and where you might focus.

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