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What Customers Should You Pursue in 2015?

Donal Daly December 22, 2014 in Account Management, Technology

In business, there are really only two things that you control; who you call on, and what you say when you get there. If you put the effort into deciding what customers you call on, you are much likely to be effective when you get there. This applies as much to individual sellers as it does to those responsible for developing the company’s strategic sales or marketing approach.

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(Sales) Interaction Design

Donal Daly December 14, 2014 in Customer First, Innovation, social media, Technology

I had an interesting discussion just the other day about the [putative] rise of social selling; increase in virtual, rather than physical, sales engagement; and the rush to redeploy field sales resources to inside sales. The topic being discussed was how, or if, a company should adjust its sales strategy to accommodate or leverage these new capabilities. I have a few thoughts about this and I would welcome your opinion.

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Executing your 2015 Account Plan

Donal Daly November 28, 2014 in Account Management, Technology

One of my early observations of sales methodology was that it was very hard for sales professionals to execute on their Account Plan. There was lots of valuable strategy to use, but very little support on the practical execution. (That was why we developed Dealmaker). Developing a plan has limited benefit unless you have the requisite tools and action plan to help you follow through. In this post, I give a short summary of an account planning approach and detail how you might think about your action plan.

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12 Steps to Account Planning in 2015

Donal Daly October 09, 2014 in Account Management, Technology

It’s that time. As you prepare for 2015 you need to be thinking about how to maximize revenue from your existing customers. I’m sure you know acquired business from an existing customer is six times more profitable than pursuing new customers. But, did you also know that you are seven times more likely to win business from an existing customer than you are when you are trying to capture that new logo? I have written about this extensively in my book Account Planning in Salesforce, but to get you started, here are 12 things you should think about as you look to how your existing customers can contribute to your 2015 revenue goals (with a focus on Salesforce users).

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Will all Future Presidents be White Men? -The Predictive Analytics Problem

Donal Daly October 07, 2014 in Innovation, Analytics / BIg Data, Technology

The answer to the question in the title is of course almost certainly No. But that’s not what the data said. If you look at the records from 1789, when George Washington’s presidential term began, to 2009 when Barack Obama became the 44th president of the United States, the data would suggest otherwise.

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5 Key Dreamforce Sessions and 3 Tips

Donal Daly September 29, 2014 in Account Management, Coaching, Sales Mobility, Technology, Sales Process

There is a lot going on at Dreamforce. How do you choose which sessions to attend? This year there are many overlapping sessions, and conflicts between the keynotes and some fabulous breakout sessions. It is not possible to cover everything, so you need to be judicious in your selections.

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Make Every Sales Call Matter

Donal Daly April 28, 2014 in Call Planning, Technology, Velocity

So here’s the thing. There are really only two things that a salesperson controls; (1) who they call on, and (2) what they say when they get there. Ideally a seller is spending as much time preparing for and executing on the ‘what’ as he is deciding on the ‘who’. After all, no matter how well you have refined your target market, figured out the ideal buyer persona, and sharpened your competitive positioning, nothing happens until you engage with the customer.

But the research shows that very few of these engagements are planned. It is all too rare that a sales person has a detailed plan of what he wants to achieve on the call. What are the desired outcomes? Why might you fail? In the absence of a Call Plan many sales interactions leave a lot to be desired. In fact, 64% of all sales calls are ineffective.

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Helping the Front-Line Sales Manager – It’s All about Rhythm

Donal Daly February 23, 2014 in Coaching, Leadership, Forecasting, Analytics / BIg Data, Technology

About once every six months I have the privilege of hosting some of our customers at our Customer Advisory Board meeting. At these meetings we always learn a lot about how Dealmaker is being used to drive sales performance. I am just back from San Francisco where we had gathered together a group of sales leaders to discuss our future plans and to get their input on how we can serve them better.

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Unpacking Sales Velocity

Donal Daly January 24, 2014 in Innovation, Technology, Velocity

When Henry called me yesterday he asked a really interesting question. ”Why is it”, he said, “that everyone feels that the start of the year is the only time that they should look to build their pipeline?”

Henry works for a software UX design company that we partner with. His company plays a huge role in designing Dealmaker to be really, really, easy to use. They do spectacular work. If you are a Dealmaker user you will know what I mean.

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7 Principles for Successful Sales Leadership

Donal Daly November 25, 2013 in Coaching, Leadership, Forecasting, Analytics / BIg Data, Technology, Sales Process, Velocity

One of the perks of my job is the interaction I am privileged to have with so many great sales leaders. During the beta phase for a new solution we just launched (to help sales managers understand the potential vulnerabilities in the sales performance of their teams), I had more intensive interaction than usual with a number of sales leaders. Going beyond the challenges of the front-line sales manager, which is really the problem that Dealmaker Sales Performance Insight helps with, I was struck by some common principles that seem to be consistently applied by those sales leaders who are at the top of their game. Here is my synthesis of those conversations.

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