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(Sales) Interaction Design

Donal Daly December 14, 2014 in Customer First, Innovation, social media, Technology

I had an interesting discussion just the other day about the [putative] rise of social selling; increase in virtual, rather than physical, sales engagement; and the rush to redeploy field sales resources to inside sales. The topic being discussed was how, or if, a company should adjust its sales strategy to accommodate or leverage these new capabilities. I have a few thoughts about this and I would welcome your opinion.

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Why LinkedIn is losing its value to me

Donal Daly October 13, 2013 in social media, Technology

I don't know about you, but I am a little frustrated with LinkedIn lately. Every single day now I am getting multiple generic "I'd like to connect with you on LinkedIn" messages. Most of these are coming from people I do not know, and as they are mostly generic, I have to assume that the senders are not really interested in making a connection - but simply are building up the contacts they have. That does not make any sense to me. In fact, I think it dilutes the value of their real network. Our Dealmaker Index Global Sales Benchmark Study would suggest that there is little correlation between the number of contacts someone has on LinkedIn and their revenue achievement. The value is in how you build connections, not how you accumulate contacts.

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Realtime (Honest) Feedback on your Sales Proposals?

Donal Daly September 03, 2013 in Account Management, Innovation, Learning, social media, Technology

As you may know I published my most recent book - Account Planning in Salesforce - earlier this year. I am always nervous when I am launching a book. I put a lot of myself into it and, even with a topic like Account Planning, I find that my writing always seems to become infused with my values, my opinions and my beliefs. I really just don't know any other way and I wanted the readers to get value from the book. I want them to feel that the time they spent reading it was worthwhile.

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12 Elements of a Great Sales Playbook

Donal Daly May 12, 2013 in Innovation, Leadership, Forecasting, social media, Technology, Sales Process, Velocity

The implementation of a sales playbook can be one of the most impactful initiatives for any sales organization. There are two reasons for this tremendous ROI. First, by following some simple guidelines, it can be a remarkably easy initiative to implement, and second, research shows that this results in 33% additional revenue.

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Gartner: Cool Vendors in CRM Sales

Donal Daly April 28, 2013 in Training, social media, Technology, Sales Process, Velocity

Gartner just released their 2013 Cool Vendors in CRM Sales report and are selling it on their site for $495. You can get it here for free.

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Customer Network Value

Donal Daly July 20, 2012 in Account Management, Innovation, Leadership, social media, Technology

In June 2012, Angela Ahrendts, CEO of Burberry appeared on the cover of Fortune magazine. As Fortune reports it:

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Social Trust - the Core of the Social Universe

Donal Daly May 16, 2012 in Sales Mobility, social media, Technology

[This is the fourth in a series on 6 Factors that are transforming B2B Sales in 2012. This factor deals with Social - and I have broken that down into four separate posts. This is the second of the posts on Social.]

Social Trust

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If mobile is the needle - social is the thread

Donal Daly May 14, 2012 in Innovation, Sales Mobility, social media

[This is the third in a series on 6 Factors that are transforming B2B Sales in 2012. This factor deals with Social - and I have broken that down into four separate posts that will be published over the coming week.]

If Mobile is the needle, then Social is the thread.

Mobile makes information accessible anytime, anywhere, and can make information location sensitive. But Social weaves all of the information together, and we each get to create our own tapestry – being curators of information from multiple and varied sources, engaging and allowing us to shape, create, and co-create information in our own voice, and, amplify the voices of others – all in a global community.

Remember, it is not that long ago that we were all chained to the desk locked down by the desktop computer. In 2000, wireless networking did not exist, and social network sites had yet to emerge. For most people, information on the Internet was consumed, but not created.

Now as a new tapestry emerges, we get the opportunity to color our own patterns. The confluence of mobile and social has changed the dynamics of time, location and information. As we each move our own needle, we get the opportunity to weave personal and participatory shades with an immediate and synchronous rhythm.

And the rhythm is being amplified, causing waves that are being felt everywhere. Becoming increasingly social through their mobile devices, 24% of US adults look to the advice of their online virtual peers as they shop in the offline world, checking out product reviews on the Internet before they make a physical purchase. More than one in five post photos and videos from their phones and about a third engage in social network sites as they roam.

Social networks are the ties that bind us, and irrespective of race, income, or gender, two-thirds of us now use social networks, primarily to reach or communicate with friends, current and re-discovered, and stay in touch with family.

These behavioral developments started in the consumer world, but quickly transitioned to the business world. Remember, not all consumers are B2B buyers, but all B2B buyers are consumers. All business people – including both sellers and buyers – are consumers, and the lessons they learn in ‘consumer-land’ shape their thinking and expectations in ‘business-land’.

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6 Factors that are transforming B2B Sales - Part 1

Donal Daly April 10, 2012 in Coaching, Background, Innovation, Leadership, Pipeline, Forecasting, Learning, social media, Technology, Sales Process, Velocity

I recently had the privilege of speaking at the Sales 2.0 Conference in San Francisco. My session – entitled Six Factors that are Transforming B2B Sales – seemed to strike a chord. Over the next few posts I want to recount the thoughts I shared and get your views.

I started my presentation with a perspective on the current landscape and the environment in which we all seek to survive and thrive.

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Using LinkedIn Properly

Donal Daly February 16, 2012 in Background, Innovation, social media, Technology

In my previous post, Which B2B Social Network is the Most Valuable? I referenced the research we did through the DealmakerIndex and it was very clear that LinkedIn is valued a lot more by B2B professionals than any of the other outlets in the Social Universe. There has been much written about LinkedIn best practices, but just this week Dave Stein at ES Research put together his thoughts on LinkedIn and some observations about how it is used.

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