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A Sales Story for Our Time

Donal Daly November 25, 2014 in Coaching, skills, Questioning, Sales Process

When Matt finished the meeting, he was angry. His biggest customer just told him that she had placed a big order with a new supplier.

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Sales Metrics That Matter

Donal Daly July 23, 2014 in Account Management, Coaching, skills, Questioning, Pipeline, Forecasting, Sales Process

The best sales professionals are constantly looking for help. Winners are honest in their self-assessment of the skills and competencies - or at least as honest as they can be.

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Battling the 57% - Part2: Flanking to Win

Donal Daly July 05, 2014 in Account Management, Call Planning, Coaching, skills, Questioning, Sales Process, Velocity

I have written before about the statistic that is out there ‘buyers have progressed 57% through their buying process before they engage a salesperson’ – is in fact an average and that how you act before and after ‘the 57%’ is a matter of choice, not a function of averages. It really comes down to whether you engage first with the buyer, or react to their engagement with you. In this post I will set out some guidelines on how you might react ‘after the 57% point’ if you find yourself in that situation.

Let’s first consider the whole spectrum of engagement – the Sales & Marketing Continuum.

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Battling the 57% – Buyers Buy Different Things

Donal Daly June 02, 2014 in Account Management, Call Planning, Coaching, Questioning, Sales Process

There’s a statistic out there that buyers have, on average, progressed 57% through their buying process before they engage a salesperson. That ‘average’ piece seems to have been lost, and a commonly held-belief now is that this 57% is a fact in all cases.

How you act before and after ‘the 57%’ is a matter of choice, not a function of averages. Buyers buy different things, and sellers sell differently. You get to choose. But first, let’s explore the differences.

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20 Facts about Sales Performance

Donal Daly April 05, 2013 in Background, Innovation, Leadership, Questioning, Forecasting, Learning, Technology, Sales Process

At The TAS Group, we just recently completed a global study of sales performance. The full report will probably be available by late April. If you want a copy email me ddaly (at) the tasgroup (dot) com.

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The Challenger Sale Debate - Is it missing the point?

Donal Daly October 07, 2012 in Background, skills, Innovation, Leadership, Questioning, Training, Technology, Sales Process, Velocity

There has been a lot a debate among the sales training / sales enablement community about The Challenger Sale from CEB's Sales Executive Council. Some of it has been cogent and balanced, but unfortunately a lot has been mud-slinging and poorly articulated or uninformed specious commentary that does not reflect well on the sales training industry. Most of the latter type has, probably predictably, come from those who might have good reason to be threatened by the seeming ubiquity or pervasiveness of TCS. On the other hand, where measured arguments have been put forward, it seems that these originate more often from users, practitioners, or observers who acknowledge the value of TCS while wondering about its place in an overall sales eco-system.

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Please sit still this won’t hurt a bit…I have some questions...

Donal Daly January 29, 2012 in Coaching, Leadership, Questioning, Velocity

Guest Post: Tim Foster, Sales Director EMEA, The TAS Group

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The One Sales Trend that Demands Attention

Donal Daly January 04, 2012 in Background, skills, Questioning, Sales Process

Guest Post: Bruce Wedderburn, EVP Channel & Enablement, Huthwaite Inc.

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Dealmaker Index Example Report

Donal Daly January 02, 2012 in Coaching, skills, Innovation, Leadership, Questioning, Pipeline, negotiation, Forecasting, Learning, social media, Technology, Sales Process, Velocity

The Dealmaker Index has been running now since early November 2011 and we have been learning a lot from all of the participants. Here is sample report so that you can see the kind of information you can get if you participate in this free study. The report comes in four parts: Summary Infographic, Executive Summary, Detailed Analysis and Personal Dealmaker Index Report. The Executive Summary and Detailed Analysis components each relate to the company Dealmaker Index score, and the Personal Dealmaker Index Report is tailored to the individual who completed the study.

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The Challenger Sale: Challenging Conventional Wisdom - Book Review

Donal Daly December 13, 2011 in Coaching, Background, skills, Innovation, Leadership, Questioning, Training, Sales Process

If you read one sales book this year, The Challenger Sale should be the one. Actually, if you don't generally read sales books at all, you should make an exception in this case and read this one.

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