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Surprise Your Customer

Donal Daly November 22, 2013 in Coaching, Presentation, Analytics / BIg Data, Technology

Flying from Ireland to San Francisco on the way to Dreamforce 2013, I was thinking about a session I was going to deliver. It was important. It was the first of 10 sessions we were involved in at Dreamforce and I wanted to kick it off well. It was also the first public showing of our new Dealmaker Sales Performance Insight solution, so I felt the pressure of a product launch. The session had been over-subscribed to the extent that it had to be moved to a larger venue, and still it sold out. No pressure.

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Book Review: Small Message, Big Impact

Donal Daly May 25, 2011 in Presentation, Background

I agreed to review this book for one reason only. It was the email from my favorite literary agent, Kevin Small. That was it. Before that I didn’t feel the compelling need to read another ‘How to create your value proposition message’ book. I’m not saying that I’ve got that nailed; just that it wasn’t the most urgent thing on my list.

But then Kevin sent me a very compelling email. I was intrigued, entertained, and wanted to know more. And then of course it was obvious: If Kevin was using what he learned from Small Message, Big Impact to structure and compose his email, then I wanted to did deeper.

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What do you want to be famous for?

Donal Daly December 20, 2009 in Presentation, Background, Leadership

I just got finished reading a new book by a friend of mine. It's called The Business Battlecard, and the author is Paul O'Dea, who was my co-author on the Select Selling book that we published in 2004. Paul is CEO of Select Strategies, a strategy consulting practice, and since he sold his last company, he's been involved in helping the leadership of companies make growth happen. Though the book is targeted at company management, the lessons therein are of significant value to every one in sales who wants to grow revenue.

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Building The Right Foundation for Sales 2.0

Dave Stein June 23, 2009 in Presentation, Learning, Technology, sales 2.0

A recent comment on my blog by John Esposito, VP of sales at AMICAS, reminded me to write a post about his company's successful implementation of a sales methodology last year.

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Power Corrupts ... and PowerPoint Corrupts (Clear Messaging) Absolutely

Donal Daly May 03, 2009 in Presentation, Messaging, Powerpoint, Learning

Power Corrupts ... and PowerPoint Corrupts Absolutely. It's about 5 years since Edward Tufte made that observation, and goodness knows we've all suffered through enough Death by PowerPoint to agree. I'm not proposing to delve into the Cognitive Load Theory of information overload, or the challenge of invoking simultaneous stimuli in your audience (auditory and visual) as you make a presentation loaded with words on the slides and overloaded with verbal overlay. There is sufficient research that shows that people are over-loaded if they have to multi-task when they're absorbing information. Based on a some recent sales calls I've been involved in, I've a few observations to make, some suggestions, and an exercise that I believe will help you better communicate your message.

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