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Sales Metrics That Matter

Donal Daly July 23, 2014 in Account Management, Coaching, skills, Questioning, Pipeline, Forecasting, Sales Process

The best sales professionals are constantly looking for help. Winners are honest in their self-assessment of the skills and competencies - or at least as honest as they can be.

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10 Things Every Sales Manager Should Know About Sales Performance (Infographic)

Donal Daly July 29, 2013 in Coaching, Innovation, Pipeline, Technology, Sales Process, Velocity

Thanks to our friends over at Work.com for helping us with this infographic.

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When is your Win Rate not your Win Rate?

Donal Daly June 30, 2013 in Innovation, Pipeline, Forecasting, Technology, Sales Process, Velocity

It seems pretty simple at first, but calculating your Win Rate is not as straightforward as it might appear. In most cases sellers will think about their Win Rate as the number of wins as a percentage of the number of opportunities that were pursued. But that doesn’t tell the full story.

Let’s say I am working the four deals listed here.

  • Deal A: $20,000
  • Deal B: $10,000
  • Deal C: $40,000
  • Deal D: $30,000

Scenario 1:

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Video Blog: So you think you have a $500,000 sales forecast?

Donal Daly April 21, 2012 in Innovation, Leadership, Pipeline, Forecasting, Technology, Sales Process, Velocity

I spoke at InsideView's Insider Summit meeting in March 2012. The topic was about sales metrics that you might measure to calculate your sales velocity - the revenue you can achieve every day - and some ideas about what you might do to improve your sales velocity, and also achieve accurate sales forecasts.

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6 Factors that are transforming B2B Sales - Part 1

Donal Daly April 10, 2012 in Coaching, Background, Innovation, Leadership, Pipeline, Forecasting, Learning, social media, Technology, Sales Process, Velocity

I recently had the privilege of speaking at the Sales 2.0 Conference in San Francisco. My session – entitled Six Factors that are Transforming B2B Sales – seemed to strike a chord. Over the next few posts I want to recount the thoughts I shared and get your views.

I started my presentation with a perspective on the current landscape and the environment in which we all seek to survive and thrive.

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Dealmaker Index Example Report

Donal Daly January 02, 2012 in Coaching, skills, Innovation, Leadership, Questioning, Pipeline, negotiation, Forecasting, Learning, social media, Technology, Sales Process, Velocity

The Dealmaker Index has been running now since early November 2011 and we have been learning a lot from all of the participants. Here is sample report so that you can see the kind of information you can get if you participate in this free study. The report comes in four parts: Summary Infographic, Executive Summary, Detailed Analysis and Personal Dealmaker Index Report. The Executive Summary and Detailed Analysis components each relate to the company Dealmaker Index score, and the Personal Dealmaker Index Report is tailored to the individual who completed the study.

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Top 10 Sales Blog Posts of 2011

Donal Daly December 29, 2011 in Coaching, Background, Innovation, Pipeline, Forecasting, social media, Technology, Velocity

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Blueprint for Sales and Marketing Alignment - Part 5 - Managing the Pipeline

Donal Daly December 11, 2011 in Coaching, Pipeline, Technology, Sales Process

It has been a while since the last post in this series. We’ve been really busy with the launch of the Dealmaker Index global sales benchmark study. The data that we’ve gathered from that study underlines the need for sales and marketing to be on the same page. In my post The Actual Cost of Sales and Marketing Misalignment, I draw from the Dealmaker Index data to show that there can be a difference in quota attainment of up to 25% between those organizations where sales and marketing are singing in harmony, versus those where these two interdependent functions are just singing their individual tunes.

You can find the earlier posts here:

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Do you Qualify to Sell? - Blueprint for Sales and Marketing Alignment - Part 4

Donal Daly October 23, 2011 in Innovation, Leadership, Questioning, Pipeline, Sales Process

This is the fourth part of this series of posts that is intended to set out the core issues that need to be addressed in each part of the buyer / seller interaction so that the complementary activities of sales and marketing can work in harmony.

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Blueprint for Sales and Marketing Alignment - Part 1

Donal Daly October 04, 2011 in Coaching, Background, Leadership, Pipeline, Technology, Sales Process

There are few distinct viewpoints in business that are as polarized as those of marketing and sales professionals. Marketing is glamorous, sales less so. Sales are measurable, marketing less so. The uneasy relationship between sales and marketing is widespread and infects almost all types of businesses, particularly technology companies that provide high value solutions to large corporations. Marketing folks decry the poor sales conversion rate delivered by the sales team, who in turn abhor what they would characterize as the risible value delivered by expensive marketing campaigns.

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