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Realtime (Honest) Feedback on your Sales Proposals?

Donal Daly September 03, 2013 in Account Management, Innovation, Learning, social media, Technology

As you may know I published my most recent book - Account Planning in Salesforce - earlier this year. I am always nervous when I am launching a book. I put a lot of myself into it and, even with a topic like Account Planning, I find that my writing always seems to become infused with my values, my opinions and my beliefs. I really just don't know any other way and I wanted the readers to get value from the book. I want them to feel that the time they spent reading it was worthwhile.

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20 Facts about Sales Performance

Donal Daly April 05, 2013 in Background, Innovation, Leadership, Questioning, Forecasting, Learning, Technology, Sales Process

At The TAS Group, we just recently completed a global study of sales performance. The full report will probably be available by late April. If you want a copy email me ddaly (at) the tasgroup (dot) com.

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Carpe Tabulam - Seize the Tablet: The mobile sales force

Donal Daly April 23, 2012 in Coaching, Background, Innovation, Leadership, Sales Mobility, Learning, Training, Technology, Velocity

[This is the second in a series on 6 Factors that are transforming B2B Sales in 2012.]

The inexorable rise of mobile device ownership is one of the most significant changes in the business landscape that any of us has witnessed in our lifetimes. In most developed economies in the world, practically everyone has a cell phone, an increasing number of which are smartphones, and the rapid growth of tablet ownership, pioneered by Apple’s iPad, is the fastest market penetration of any device we have ever seen.

The Mobile Landscape

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6 Factors that are transforming B2B Sales - Part 1

Donal Daly April 10, 2012 in Coaching, Background, Innovation, Leadership, Pipeline, Forecasting, Learning, social media, Technology, Sales Process, Velocity

I recently had the privilege of speaking at the Sales 2.0 Conference in San Francisco. My session – entitled Six Factors that are Transforming B2B Sales – seemed to strike a chord. Over the next few posts I want to recount the thoughts I shared and get your views.

I started my presentation with a perspective on the current landscape and the environment in which we all seek to survive and thrive.

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Embrace Change: A response to a dangerous post

Donal Daly March 25, 2012 in Innovation, Leadership, Learning, Training, Technology

I read a blog post from the CEO of one the leading brand names in sales training and it bothered me greatly. If this is representative of what is being taught in sales training classes today it is not only worrisome, but plainly wrong on a number of counts.

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Dealmaker Index Example Report

Donal Daly January 02, 2012 in Coaching, skills, Innovation, Leadership, Questioning, Pipeline, negotiation, Forecasting, Learning, social media, Technology, Sales Process, Velocity

The Dealmaker Index has been running now since early November 2011 and we have been learning a lot from all of the participants. Here is sample report so that you can see the kind of information you can get if you participate in this free study. The report comes in four parts: Summary Infographic, Executive Summary, Detailed Analysis and Personal Dealmaker Index Report. The Executive Summary and Detailed Analysis components each relate to the company Dealmaker Index score, and the Personal Dealmaker Index Report is tailored to the individual who completed the study.

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The Value of Standards or Benchmarking in Sales

Donal Daly October 31, 2011 in Coaching, skills, Innovation, Leadership, Forecasting, Learning, Technology, Sales Process

Nearly every professional sales manager or sales executive that I’ve ever spoken to bemoans the fact that it is really hard to quantitatively assess the likelihood of success of a new sales hire. Equally, they are frequently exercised with determining, on some relative scale, whether their sales team is as good as it could be or better or worse than other sales teams in competitive organizations.

When I speak about this topic to professional sales trainers or consultants the response is the same. There are no easily accessible standards, benchmarks or measures that can be used as a reference point.

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Why Shooting 100+ in Golf is like Selling Badly

Paul Dilger October 18, 2011 in planning, Background, skills, Learning, Training, Technology, Sales Process, plan

Guest Post: Paul Dilger, Director Product Marketing, The TAS Group.

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We are all individuals. We are all different. I'm not!

Donal Daly August 22, 2011 in Coaching, Innovation, Leadership, Forecasting, Learning, social media, Technology

Broad sweeping statements are always entirely without value. (Yes, inherent contradiction intended.) The same goes for a marketing or sales message cooked in a pot of homogeneity, without any spice of individualization. If I'm the recipient of this mediocre melange, I'm bored already. It is bland, banal, and bromidic and takes no account of my personal preference. It doesn't work for my palate. (Enough food metaphors!)

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We want to hear from you and give you an iPad 2 for your trouble

Donal Daly July 11, 2011 in Coaching, Background, Innovation, Leadership, Forecasting, Learning

We can all get so excited by our products that we forget that the customer doesn’t really care. When we’re looking elsewhere, we overlook what the customer really cares about. We’re aimed at what’s possible while the customer is focused on what’s broken. More often than not, we just need to shut up about the vision, and just help the customer fix what’s broken – and address whatever is causing her pain today.

Never before has it been so important to understand why a customer buys your product. What pain are you curing? Well there is one way to find out. Go ask your existing customers how they use your product and what benefit they believe they receive. It's amazing what you can learn.

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