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Valuable Sales Calls Start With A Plan

Donal Daly June 26, 2015 in Sales Call Planning

When you pick up that phone to make a sales call, you are in control right?

You’ve made the decision on when to call, and you’ve decided who it is you’re going to be calling.

But are you going to control the conversation? 

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Why Sales Mobility Isn’t Just About Going Mobile

Donal Daly April 09, 2015 in Sales Effectiveness, Sales Mobility, Sales Performance Automation, Sales Enablement, Sales Planning

Back in 2012, I wrote about the proliferation of mobile devices and how this would impact on the way we work and sell. I was reminded about this when I was quoted in a recent article, The Top 10 Sales Tips for Small Businesses in 2015, by Alexa Schirtzinger on the Salesforce blog.

Three years on from my original article, recent studies show that 9 out of 10 full time employees in the US now use their personal mobile devices for work. They’re using them on the road, at sales calls, on sick leave, and to outflank the rush hour traffic. In fact, in an Acxiom Digital Impact Study, 36% of respondents claimed to check their email as soon as they wake up, and another 21% checked it before breakfast.

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Big Questions for Sales Managers

Donal Daly March 09, 2015 in Account Management, Sales Process, sales competency, Sales Planning, Sales Management, Sales Coaching,, sales manager

Managing a sales team is hard. The role of the front-line line sales manager is the lynch-pin of most sales organizations, but the number of tasks that sales managers have to juggle makes it really difficult to know how to answer the questions “How do I get the most from my sales team?” and “How do I remove uncertainty?”

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Trust Matters: The Data Is In

Donal Daly March 09, 2015 in Account Management, planning, sales tips, Donal Daly, competitive intelligence, Leadership, Sales skills, Value Proposition, dealmaker, Sales Process, Sales Alignment, Account Planning

I have written often about the importance of Trust In Business. I have always contended that without Trust it is rare that you will be successful. It has also been my experience that many others care about this deeply. It was interesting to note that in my book Account Planning in Salesforce, the chapter on Trust was one of the most underlined sections of the book. (There is this cool feature for an author for books distributed on a Kindle where you can see what people are marking up or underlining.)

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The Insight Deficit and the dangers of big data

Donal Daly February 03, 2015 in Customer First, Analytics / BIg Data, Smart Sales Transformation, insights

Sometimes out of the recesses of our minds a flicker of curiosity emerges. That is always a good thing. Here is a question. Is the pace of technological change coupled with the rapid explosion of data a good thing? 90% of all the world’s data has been created in the last two years. How does it shape how we think about the world, our place in it, and the impact we have? Technology has enabled an unparalleled velocity of innovation, collaboration and communication. There has never been a time like this. Individuals can do more with their minds than ever before. The choices we make are important. Why do we seem to want to fill our minds with other people’s lives measured in 140 character data chunks, photo streams or videos? Why does it seem that everyone wants to be an icon, replacing last century’s 15 minutes of TV fame with followers, page views and clicks? Is iconic status a prerequisite to achievement or contribution?

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When Competitors Stalk You

Donal Daly January 25, 2015 in competitive intelligence, Knowledge Management

I got an email just the other day from one of our webinar team. He wanted to highlight that six different people from one of our competitors had signed up for the next webinar – some using their own names and others using aliases. He wanted my take on that, and I will get to that in a minute.

The webinar that attracted our competitor is on Account Planning in Salesforce and because we have established a leading position in that space, these webinars are always quite popular. My colleague was wondering whether we should be concerned about the fact that this particular competitor was registering for the event. It turned out of course that when we looked at the last three webinars we did on this topic, the same competitor was all over them.

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Do you know your Win Rate?

Donal Daly January 23, 2015 in dealmaker, win/loss, Sales Process, Velocity


As you are developing your sales strategy for 2015 (you are right?) one of the critical elements in determining your sales velocity is your Win Rate. If you don't know how many opportunities to need to pursue to make your number, your vision for the future will be cloudy. It is hard to build a sales strategy or know what marketing needs to deliver into the funnel. It seems pretty simple at first, but calculating your Win Rate is not as straightforward as it might appear. In most cases sellers will think about their Win Rate as the number of wins as a percentage of the number of opportunities that were pursued. But that doesn’t tell the full story. 

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8 Steps to the Good Side

Donal Daly January 10, 2015 in Background, Leadership

They say that a child laughs on average 300 times a day, and an adult just 5 times. If that is true, it is pretty sad. I get how life can catch up with us; but at the end of the day what you see in the mirror is what other people see. If you smile, others are more likely to smile back. It’s an example of positive engagement.

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5 Steps to a Great Sales Insight

Donal Daly December 29, 2014 in Customer First, Insight

Much has been said about the need to bring insights to your customers. In today’s world of more informed buyers, it is clear that you need to do more than just communicate the capabilities of your product. However, not much has been written about how to do this well or consistently. Sellers are struggling to know where to start, and some sales and marketing organizations flounder when trying to build an ‘insight machine’ that scales. How can you ensure that your insight machine (a) delivers insights that customers appreciate and (b) guides them to your solutions?

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What Customers Should You Pursue in 2015?

Donal Daly December 22, 2014 in Account Management, Technology

In business, there are really only two things that you control; who you call on, and what you say when you get there. If you put the effort into deciding what customers you call on, you are much likely to be effective when you get there. This applies as much to individual sellers as it does to those responsible for developing the company’s strategic sales or marketing approach.

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