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Dealmaker® Smart Opportunity Manager

Win More Opportunities.
Grow Deal Size.

We help you win more deals and grow deal sizes. You’ll focus on qualified deals with intelligent deal coaching.

There Are Only Two Reasons Why You Lose A Deal

Yes, just two! Either you should not have been competing in the deal in the first place (i.e. you did not qualify it properly) or you were outsold (either by a competitor or No Decision). Qualification starts with four key questions:

  1. Is there an opportunity?
  2. Can we compete?
  3. Can we win?
  4. Is it worth winning?

Proven Method To Win = Blueprint For Smart Software

Over 1 million progressive sales professionals have accelerated their sales careers using the Target Account Selling (TAS) Opportunity Management sales methodology. Now upgraded and extended to serve today’s smarter buyers, TAS is the blueprint for Dealmaker Smart Opportunity Manager. Embedded smart deal coaching guides you to qualify effectively, map the political structure, collaborate with your customer on business problems, focus on formal and informal decision criteria and develop a competitive strategy to win.


  • Uncover Business Problems
  • Find or Create a Compelling Event
  • Map the Political Landscape
  • Find Unique Business Value and Solution Fit
  • Gain Executive Credibility and Inside Support
  • Confirm Access to Funds
  • Develop Competitive Strategy to Win

Smart deal coaching helps you to qualify and uncover compelling events, map to business problems and to develop your strategy to win.

What Sellers Do To Win Opportunities:


Proven Opportunity Management methodology in smart software

If Google Maps can help you find directions to your sales meeting, shouldn’t there be a smart app to help navigate the call and win the deal? Dealmaker Smart Opportunity Manager can assess deals in context, revealing risks and recommending actions based on proven methodology and insights, so you always know what to do when it matters.

In the cloud & on your phone. 
Native on Salesforce

Because Dealmaker is built on the Salesforce platform, you can access your opportunity plan in the cloud and on your phone with the same reliability, performance, security that you get with Salesforce. No need to worry about adding other clouds!

Align with the Buyer's Decision Criteria

Navigate the Buyer's Organization

Calculate the overall rank of each key issue across all key players, helping to support your overall strategy and keep you moving forward.

Visualize Solutions with the Buyer

Align with the Buyer's Decision Criteria

Create customer-focused solutions and deepen the value that you provide to your customers by helping them to connect their business challenges to the solutions.

Select the Best Competitive Strategy

Execute Tactical Action

Dealmaker recommends different Competitive Strategies for offensive and defensive situations based on your responses from a series of questions.

Get Real-Time Coaching

Visualize Solutions

Get real-time, deal-specific coaching. Coach Me knows everything about the deal you are working on and coaches you on what you have to do to win the deal.