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January 16, 2013

Posted by: Will Wiegler

Awards season is here. The Academy Awards, the Golden Globes and others provide insights to what’s New, Hot, and Highly Recommended. In the world of Cloud Computing, we have our own award to which many aspire – it’s called the Social Apps Showcase, and it’s awarded by  The winners are showcased on the Salesforce AppExchange, a one-stop shop with more than 1000 cloud computing business applications and services.

We are delighted to announce that Dealmaker has recently been selected among the 25 apps in the AppExchange Social Apps Showcase and is now featured on the home page of the AppExchange.

Dealmaker provides sales teams and managers with mission-critical opportunity management, account management, playbooks and sales forecasting, and is native on the Salesforce Platform. In addition, Dealmaker delivers many social features to drive collaboration within your company, and even with your customers.

What it Takes to be a Social App

The folks at used several criteria to select the 25 apps featured in the AppExchange Social Apps Showcase. Here are some of the reasons we made the cut:

  • Meaningful Use of Salesforce Chatter
    Dealmaker helps individual sales reps sell smarter, but it also makes selling a team sport and provides built-in collaboration tools, including integration with Chatter. For example, the embedded intelligence in Dealmaker uses Chatter to alert others of changes in the health of a sales opportunity – automatically.  And reps can chat with team members and followers from within Dealmaker, to gain insights from the team.
  • Collaboration with the Customer
    The visual Collaboration Map within Dealmaker makes it easy for sales reps and customers to work together on defining problems and visualizing solutions together. This way, you know that what you are selling is good for the customer, as well as for you.
  • Being Social Across and Beyond the Sales Organization
    In addition to providing collaborative tools for sales reps and sales managers, Dealmaker helps pre-sales support and service personnel understand the customers’ business issues. And Political Maps help you see the relationship between people in your customer’s organization and visualize lines of influence, encouraging interactions that can add value and help you win deals.
  • Clean, Fresh, Social UX
    We designed Dealmaker to be a modern, intuitive app.  Chatter integration is seamless and designed into the workflow.  Other social network feeds are also easily accessible from within Dealmaker. Political Maps are visual and dynamic so you can easily and natually move elements — for example, you can drag and drop contacts to set up a reporting hierarchy, and you can drag influence lines to show who are the influencers and the people being influenced. The design of the UX makes it easy to for sales folks to quickly become more productive.
  • Designed for Mobility
    Dealmaker is optimized to run on a wide range of mobile devices. The app auto-senses that is on mobile device and adjusts to replace mouse actions with multi-touch swipe, pinch, zoom, etc. In addition, the eLearning components are optimized for mobile devices and do not require Adobe Flash.  Documents are produced in formats to natively display in iBooks on iPad, Amazon Kindle, and many smartphones. Video components that are included in the app are designed for iPad or similar devices, as well as for streaming.
  • Innovation
    Dealmaker has a patented sales coaching engine that combines context, data and knowledge with an intelligent rules engine to deliver real-time automated deal coaching advice.  The embedded learning algorithms actually make the app smarter over time. Answers to critical sales questions are suggested based on the information entered by the sales person.

See It For Yourself

We may not have a Red Carpet at our awards ceremony, but we’re still delighted to strut our stuff in the AppExchange Social Apps Showcase. I encourage you to check out all the featured apps and, of course, take a look at Dealmaker to see how it can help your sales team be more effective and win more deals.

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