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Stop Being Lazy & Start Putting The Customer First

Tim Foster July 01, 2015 in Sales Effectiveness, Opportunity Management

Every now and again, I look back at old articles I’ve written. My posts are always triggered by my interactions with sales people, sales managers and sales leaders so it acts as a reminder of the key issues facing sales people at any particular time. It often comes as a shock to find that issues which were relevant some years ago continue to remain, and very often have deepened with time. This is very much the case when it comes to a topic I've discussed previously:

What is the hardest thing about selling?

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The Biggest Account Planning Challenges (Part 3)

Áine Denn June 29, 2015 in Account Management, Account Planning

This is the third and final instalment in our series of articles about ‘The Biggest Account Planning Challenges & How To Fix Them’.

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Tired of ‘Spray & Pray’ Selling? 6 Steps to Target and Close Your Perfect Prospect

William Jones June 26, 2015

When you buy a gift for a loved one, you want to make their eyes shine with pleasure.

So here’s the question; do you go out and buy something amazing but generic, something everyone should love? Or do you think very carefully about that individual for a long time, about their passions, desires, problems, dreams… then go out and choose something deeply personal to them?

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The Biggest Account Planning Challenges (Part 2)

Áine Denn June 17, 2015

This is the second in a series of posts based on a survey we conducted as part of our webinar “The Top 3 Reasons Why Your Account Planning Process is Broken (And How You Can Fix It).”

In Part 1, we discovered that the the #1 rated problem was “Understanding the customer’s strategy and how they define and measure success.”  

This post looks at the #2 challenge -  “How to conduct account reviews and coaching to drive behavior” - and offers up some advice on how to tackle.

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The Biggest Account Planning Challenges & How You Can Fix Them (Part 1)

Áine Denn June 05, 2015 in Account Planning

Like so many New Year resolutions, Account Planning is something most people embrace in January and then let drift during the year. So June might seem like an unusual month to revisit this popular topic.

But whether you are ahead of quota, and looking to maintain that momentum, or behind and looking to catch up, Account Planning should be your starting point.

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How To Create Brilliant Customer Success Stories To Win Stubborn Sales

Krissy Koza April 29, 2015 in Customer Success Stories

Let’s face it, filling the pipeline with new leads is a constant struggle. And when you manage to get prospects into the funnel, converting these to sales is an altogether different challenge.

So, what’s one of the best ways to get prospects over the line when you’re struggling to get a commitment from them to buy? 

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Account Planning increases your win rate x7

Donal Daly February 02, 2015 in Account Management, Call Planning, Sales Effectiveness, Account Planning, win rate

What do you call your Account Planning process? Do you know its value to your organization?

Whether you call it account planning, strategic account management, account management, key account management, strategic account planning, major accounts, or global accounts, you know that to plan and strategize about how to maximize revenue from your customers is a worthwhile endeavor. In fact based on a recent survey we conducted here at the TAS Group  (n=329) we know that 95% of companies recognize that account planning is important. (Because we wrote the book on 'Account Planning in Salesforce', we call it account planning.) We have been extolling the virtues of account planning for many years and we are really encouraged by the value we have seen for our customers and indeed for our customers’ customers. Most people know that acquiring business from an existing customer is six times more profitable than winning business at a new account. That’s good for the accountants. What is less understood, and should perhaps resonate more strongly with the sales people or account managers out there, is that the win rate in an existing account is usually up to 7 times greater. We all like to win, so this merits some thought.

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How 5 Ingredients can give you Great Sales Insights

Donal Daly January 21, 2015 in Sales Alignment

Knowing your Customer's business

Much has been said about the need to bring insights to your customers. In today’s world of more informed buyers, it is clear that you need to do more than just communicate the capabilities of your product. However, not much has been written about how to do this well or consistently. Sellers are struggling to know where to start, and some sales and marketing organizations flounder when trying to build an ‘insight machine’ that scales. How can you ensure that your insight machine (a) delivers insights that customers appreciate and (b) guides them to your solutions?

According to Forrester Research, 64% of senior executives believe that the sales person does not know enough about their buyer’s business to bring any value to a meeting. In fact only 25% of them are prepared to take a second meeting. Think about this for a minute; three out of every four sales meetings are a waste of time and money – both for the seller and for the buyer.

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What Customers Should You Pursue in your Pipeline in 2015?

Donal Daly January 19, 2015 in Account Management, Technology

In business, there are really only two things that you control; who you call on, and what you say when you get there. If you put the effort into deciding what customers you call on, you are much likely to be effective when you get there. This applies as much to individual sellers as it does to those responsible for developing the company’s strategic sales or marketing approach.

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(Sales) Interaction Design

Donal Daly January 12, 2015 in Customer First, Innovation, social media, Technology

I had an interesting discussion just the other day about the [putative] rise of social selling; increase in virtual, rather than physical, sales engagement; and the rush to redeploy field sales resources to inside sales. The topic being discussed was how, or if, a company should adjust its sales strategy to accommodate or leverage these new capabilities. I have a few thoughts about this and I would welcome your opinion.

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