About Us

The TAS Group can help you increase your sales velocity with a combination of proven sales methodology and intelligent applications, built on the Salesforce Platform.

The traditional sales training model just doesn't work. So we developed a different approach.

We offer Dealmaker, an intelligent sales software application that is delivered on-demand. We believe that by making software easy to use within the workflow of the sales process, and by embedding intelligence, real-time coaching and proven methodologies into the process, we can achieve what training alone cannot do. And the results speak for themselves. According to the Aberdeen Group, customers of The TAS Group realize 21% greater quota attainment!

In addition to helping sales professionals sell more effectively, Dealmaker also helps you manage better thanks to predictive analytics that deliver accurate, updated forecasts and provide visibility into your actual pipeline. Dealmaker's objective, in-depth analysis of your sales team's actual performance identifies when the deal will close based on real data, not wishful thinking. Dealmaker delivers confidence to sales leaders through accurate, on demand and transparent forecasts.

Dealmaker is 100% native on force.com!

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Take the first step toward a more effective sales organization.

Customers of The TAS Group attain 21% greater quota achievement
using the methodologies delivered through Dealmaker.