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Do You Want To Grow Your Customers Into Bigger Customers?

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“Sales Performance Manager is worth its weight in gold.”


“Sometimes sales feels like a game of hide-and-seek, with teams scrambling to nail their forecasts and frustrated managers working with limited information. What Sales Performance Manager does is make the whole pipeline transparent, so sales leaders are able to actually anticipate risks and opportunities and strategize around them, improving both customer experiences as well as revenue streams.


What Dealmaker Means To Our Customers


QuoteMarksWe feel Dealmaker really changes the way we deliver end to end solutions during a sales cycle. The reason why Salesforce is partnered with The TAS group is because they’ve been proven to be the enterprise class solution for sales methodology.

Melissa Di Donato


QuoteMarksBeautiful interface, very simple to use, very straightforward. Dealmaker provides our managers with tools to have coaching conversations. Coaching leads to higher productivity. Higher productivity leads to higher revenues.

Matt Cox


QuoteMarksSincerely astounded by the powerful and valuable design and ease of use of the functionalities and capabilities of the tools. Aswell as the rapid, thorough and over the top customer service we’ve received. Would rate them on a five-star scale as twenty stars.

Jim Haurylko


QuoteMarksThis has never been done before. In less than 90 days we’ve delivered an account planning system and have started over 90 account plans for our top accounts. Smart Account Manager has gone viral and many of our employees are asking for access to Dealmaker account plans.

Will Stephen

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Dealmaker Smart Software

More than $1Bn won with Dealmaker. Every month.

Dealmaker Smart Sales software

Smart Opportunity Manager

Win more deals and grow deal sizes


Smart Account Manager

Maximize revenue from key accounts

Smart Sales Playbook

Increase sales velocity by applying repeatable winning sales playbooks

Sales Performance Manager

Use Smart Questions to minimize risk for predictable sales growth

Political Map Express

Identify the right people, gain access, and develop support to give you a competitive advantage to win

Dealmaker Align

Accelerate Sellers’ Credibility with their Buyers

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