Why Smart Sales Transformation Matters 

Why is it that it's taken us so long to get the right level of return for our investment in sales?  We all know that buyers are getting smarter and markets are getting tougher. Sales needs to respond – but there are challenges. 

We know that the average tenure of a CSO is 18 months. Only 13% of sales training is retained after 30 days. Just over half, (54%) of sellers know how to maximize revenue from their key accounts. Fewer than 2 in 5 sales people are making or exceeding quota.

If Google Maps helps me find the way to the sales call, shouldn’t there be an app that helps to navigate the call? If Nest understands your preferred heating and cooling preferences and programs itself accordingly, why can’t there be a smart sales app that understands your actual sales cycle length and then automatically informs your forecast? If drivers use Waze to collaborate on the best route, shouldn’t we all be able to collaborate on Account Plans? 

Combining Sales knowledge, data, context and smart reasoning, in a smart app lets you do all of this today.


Smart Sales Transformation – worth it?

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