How Great Sales Managers Minimise Risk to Maximize Impact

What does Smart Sales Transformation mean for you and your sales team?

Win more & better deals by leveraging cloud technology
Smart cloud and mobile technology, native in Salesforce, with integrated sales methodology and process to support you when and where you work.

Account Planning and Opportunity Management
Identify and win new opportunities, grow revenue from existing accounts and improve your win rate with Dealmaker’s automation and intelligence.

Clarity and visibility over your deals
Provide managers and sales teams with a complete view of the sales pipeline, with built in coaching to help you forecast success and focus on quality deals.

Proven TAS sales methodology native in Salesforce
Proven sales methodology, seamlessly integrated into Salesforce, has evolved with a changing market to deliver results for your team, who learn while they sell.

A common sales process & language
Align your team to talk about deals in a way that demonstrates your understanding of your customer’s business, and present a coherent strategy for mutual value. 

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  • harmonic
  • Honeywell
  • hp
  • GES
  • Morningstar
  • Bighand
  • Unisys

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Dealmaker Smart Software

More than $1Bn won with Dealmaker. Every month.

Dealmaker Smart Sales software

Smart Opportunity Manager

Win more deals and grow deal sizes


Smart Account Manager

Maximize revenue from key accounts

Smart Sales Playbook

Increase sales velocity by applying repeatable winning sales playbooks

Sales Performance Insight

Get expert sales insights using smart sales analytics

Political Map Express

Identify the right people, gain access, and develop support to give you a competitive advantage to win

Dealmaker Align

Accelerate Sellers’ Credibility with their Buyers

Smart Call Planner

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